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Puzzled by Policy couldn’t be simpler to adopt. To explore our offering and discover all that PbP has to offer, simply visit puzzledbypolicy.moonfruit.com


Puzzled by Policy is a complete solution for engaging people in the policy process. It offers a toolkit to support improved policy-making through a combination of online and offline citizen engagement.

An online platform, which is freely available to use and install, helps users understand a topic in more detail and to participate in ongoing discussion with policy-makers and other stakeholders. Best practice and support guides are also available to help establish communities, grow trust and drive impact.




Developed by leading IT companies, public authorities, universities and NGOs across Europe, Puzzled by Policy reduces the complexity of policy-making by consulting with people in a manner that is both fun and engaging. Join our growing community of nearly 7,000 citizens and policy makers that have already adopted Puzzled.

Want to try the live platform? Click http://join.puzzledbypolicy.eu/

Want to use Puzzled by Policy for a new consultation? Click http://puzzledbypolicy.moonfruit.com/



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