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The Puzzled by Policy Affiliation Network was set up to encourage cross-project collaboration and cooperation in the areas of eParticipation, social inclusion and immigration policy. The aim is to share important project milestones and relevant events. If you would like to become affiliated with Puzzled by Policy, please contact our dissemination coordinator Teresa Gomes from LUSA, Portugal.



Puzzled by Policy aims to reduce the complexity of decision making within the EU and reconnect citizens with politics and policymaking by combining successful pre-existing eParticipation tools with new widget technologies to bring policymaking on the hot topic of immigration and migration ‘to the people’ in a manner that is both fun and engaging



The Project ImmigrationPolicy2.0  main objective is to offer to legal immigrants, policy makers, public administrators and experts in the domain of migration, the capability to contribute their valuable knowledge and experience in order to effectively enhance current efforts of migration policies harmonization at a European level as well as to help identify existing gaps in national policies compared to E.U. directives.




The PARTERRE project aims to demonstrate and validate the business potential of novel e-participatory methods and tools for spatial and strategic planning at the European level, by leveraging on two fully blown ICT solutions:  The Electronic Town Meeting  and the The DEMOS-Plan solution. 




OurSpace is based on the idea that the active involvement of young people in the process of socio-political decision-making plays a very important role in our societies. Therefore, OurSpace, aims to contribute towards bringing the EU closer to the youth by improving their role within the democratic system of the EC through the use of ICT.




EGOV4U aims to build a partner and European wide consensus platform of integrated approaches that will help influence e-government service delivery as well as long term strategic thinking in respect of comprehensive citizen inclusiveness. The EGOV4U project will tackle differing aspects of these issues by employing the innovative use of both new and existing technology combined with fresh approaches to dealing with the adoption and barriers to take up




The project aims to support the flow of skilled people among universities, research institutes, and business related companies between countries of the old member states (EU15) and countries of the new members states (EU27).




The project addresses immigrant communities as well as public authorities in three Baltic region countries. The aims of the proposed project include bridging the tools, activities and concepts of citizen communities, on one hand, and the governments’ top-down participation practices and technologies on the other, in terms of interoperability and integration.





UniteEurope aims at giving the main actors of integration – immigrants and members of the host societies – a voice by analysing public Social Media contents generated by citizens. This bottom-up approach allows revealing urban integration issues as they are actually experienced by those concerned. Thereby, the UniteEurope tool is meant to enable local decision makers to identify focal points, but also positive developments, as well as to initiate effective, efficient and sustainable integration measures and policies.





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