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The project consortium consists of 12 partners from 9 EU member states, comprising Universities, Non- Governmental Organisations, Research Centre,and the Industry, as following:

 Contact:Ms Deirdre Lee

The National University of Ireland, Galway (NUI, Galway - Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI)) is one of the main actors in research and development of semantic technologies in the world. NUIG performs research in the semantic Web, social networks, sensor network platforms, and semantic web services and applies its research results to solve integration problems in various application-oriented projects in eLearning, eGovernment, eBusiness, and eHealth.

Project Coordinator


Contact: Mr Simon Delakorda

The Institute for Electronic Participation (INePA) was established in 2007 as the first Slovene non-profit non-governmental civil society organisation professionally focusing on eDemocracy, eParticipation, eGovernance, eInvolvement and eInclusion.


Contact: Ms Marina Klitsi

Founded in 1987, Athens Technology Center S.A. is an Information Technology Company offering business solutions targeting specific sectors, as well as certain state-of-the-art horizontal solutions. ATC focuses on the Media, Banking, Retail as well as the Public sectors with a variety of solutions and services. Horizontal solutions focus on Content Management, Web Applications, eLearning, Human Capital Resource Management and Mobile Applications.


Contact: Mr Franco Carcillo

The City of Turin is the main town in the Piedmont Region, a highly-developed area in the NW part of Italy. Turin municipal area accounts for over 0.9 million inhabitants settled on 130.17 square-km. The metropolitan area is wider and includes over 50 smaller municipalities with about 1.7 million inhabitants. The Turin Municipality has a strong role in the town’s redesigning process.


Contact: Dr Xenophon Tsilibaris

The Greek Research and Technology Network  is a corporation owned by the Greek Ministry of Development (General Secretariat of Research & Technology - GSRT). GRNET was established as a corporation in 1998, though as a network started operating in 1995. The deployment and operation of GRNET is co-funded by the European Union and the Greek State (Ministry of Development - GSRT, Ministry of Education and Ministry of National Economy.


Contact: Dr Julia Glidden

21c Consultancy is an award-winning strategic consultancy which provides end-to-end project management services to the public and private sector.
21c is led by Dr Julia Glidden, a published expert and speaker in the field of eDemocracy and social media.  The company was formed by the top and middle management of Accenture eDemocracy Services – the world’s only Fortune 500 business unit devoted exclusively to e-Democracy.


Contact: Prof Alexander H.Trechsel

The European University Institute (EUI) provides advanced academic training to doctoral researchers and promotes graduate and post-graduate research at the highest level. It carries out research in a European perspective in Economics, Law, History and Civilization, and the Political and Social Sciences. Since 1992, the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (RSCAS) was set-up as a complementary initiative to develop inter-disciplinary and comparative research.


Contact: Mr Hans Gijsbertsen

The Cyntelix team has extensive experience in technology that exploits the potential of Web2.0 social communities, leading to the ''data integration of heterogeneous data'' which automates these processes significantly increasing reliability and accuracy. The industry experience comes from implementing viral marketing tools to attract online communities and leverage their interest to distribute content to a wider audience and monetize the opportunities.


Contact: Dr Elena Sanchez-Nielsen

ULL expertise is relevant to the research, and technological areas related to multimedia content, Web 2.0 technologies, Social media features, Public Administration and eParticipation concerning to personalized diffusion and multimedia retrieval of parliamentary proceedings.


Contact: Ms  Hra Giannakoudaki

DAEM (City of Athens IT Company) is the oldest and most significant Local Government IT company, as it operates since 1983. Its recent transformation to a Developmental Local Government Organization S.A. marks its new extrovert policy. DAEM, through its experience, responsibility and credibility, is nowadays setting a new course that guarantees its successful presence in the wider framework of Public Administration. DAEM constitutes one of the most solid links in the chain of implementation and support of two-way communication nodes with citizens, residents and visitors of the city.


Contact: Mr Paulo Nogueira dos Santos

LUSA is in operation since 1987 and is today the biggest news agency in the Portuguese language worldwide. LUSA employs around 200 journalists, 80 correspondents based outside Portugal and 80 employees with administrative, technical, commercial or logistical duties.



Contact: Dr Rozalia Bogo

NISZ is a state owned company having more than 40 years of experience in conducting economic and market research, organising public opinion polls as well as in developing various IT solutions. NISZ, assigned by the Hungarian Prime Minister’s Office, operates and develops major components of the central public IT infrastructure.




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