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Puzzled by Policy aims to reduce the complexity of decision making within the EU and reconnect citizens with politics and policymaking by combining successful pre-existing eParticipation tools with new widget technologies to bring policymaking on the hot topic of immigration and migration ‘to the people’ in a manner that is both fun and engaging.

Puzzled by Policy aims to address the specific issue of immigration in a manner that likewise addresses the broader issue of widespread confusion about and disengagement from the policymaking process by providing all citizens – regardless of their subject matter knowledge, IT or literacy skills – an informative and easy-to-use platform to engage with topical policy issues. Puzzled by Policy will combine tried and tested eParticipation concepts and tools such as EU Profiler and Debategraph with new widget applications to reduce the complexity of decision making at the EU level and ‘push’ the platform to popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter as well as to their own desk top and mobile devices– in effect bringing policymaking ‘to the people’ rather than relying on them to come to a specific site.

Once citizens have been ‘hooked’ on the policy debate, Puzzled by Policy will enable them to make a positive contribution to policy drafting and impact assessments by feeding a consolidated version of their views back to key national and EU-level decision makers. Puzzled by Policy will also help to further reconnect citizens with politics and policy making in a manner that sustains their involvement by asking decision makers to provide responses to feedback, and allowing citizens to assess policy positions using simple, readily available and highly popular feedback tools such as the ‘star’ system now regularly found on household sites like Google, YouTube and eBay.

Starting Date: 01 October 2010
Duration: 36 months
Participating Organisations: 12
Countries: Ireland, Greece, Slovenia, Italy, UK, Portugal, Netherlands, Spain, Hungary
EC Funding:1.945,774
Contract Number: 256261


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