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  • Immigration in the EU:policies and politics in times of crisis 2007-2012, Tamara Jonjić and Georgia Mavrodi    Download 

  • eParticipation and Social Media: a Symbiotic Relationship?, Oli Lacigova, Anna Maizite, Benjamin Cave     Download

  • Inform-Consult-Empower: A Three-Tiered Approach to eParticipation, Deirdre Lee, Nikolaos Loutas, Elena Sánchez-Nielsen, Esen Mogulkoc and Oli Lacigova     Download

  • Kalampokis, E., Hausenblas, M., & Tarabanis, K. (2011). Combining Social and Government Open Data for Participatory Decision-Making. In Proceedings of third international conference on eParticipation (ePart 2011). Download

  • Mehdi, M., Stasiewicz, A., Lee, D., Porwol, L., & Ojo, A. (2013). Synthesizing a Criterion for SOA Reference Architecture to sustain eParticipation. In 5th e-Democracy International Conference: “e-Democracy –Security, Privacy and Trust in a Digital World”. Download

  • Porwol, L., & Breslin, J. (2013). Structuring e-Participation Perspectives – Mapping and Aligning Models to Core Facets. In 14th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research (pp. 224–234). Quebec City, Canada. Download

  • Porwol, L., Ojo, A., & Breslin, J. (2013a). A semantic model for e-Participation. In EGOV 2013 - IFIP WG 8.5’s working conferences EGOV and ePart. Koblenz, Germany: Springer. Download

  • Porwol, L., Ojo, A., & Breslin, J. (2013b). On The Duality of E-Participation – Towards a foundation for Citizen-Led Participation. In 2nd Joint International Conference on Electronic Government and the Information Systems Perspective and International Conference on Electronic Democracy (p. 15). Download

  • Sánchez-Nielsen, E., & Lee, D. (2013). eParticipation in Practice in Europe: The Case of“ Puzzled by Policy: Helping You Be Part of EU.” In System Sciences (HICSS), 2013 46th Hawaii International Conference on (pp. 1870–1879). Download


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